Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sweet Surrender! Available now!

How can something that elicits such a blissful experience be so bad for you?

If this is a question you find yourself asking whenever you think of sweets, this issue will bring you good news. Sometimes it's OK to surrender to your sweet tooth. Ancient Indian texts suggest that "nectar" be a reward for hard work and right intentions. Plus, appeasing the craving will help keep binging at bay.

Here are some DCD indulgences that are almost guilt free:

Baking Bits - these are like mini truffles. And 21 pieces is only 80 calories. Plus, the real mint oil used is great for your digestive system.

Granola - whole oats, nuts, fruit and dark chocolate. I don't think I need to say anymore.

Substitute seltzer for soda in our Mojito mix. Add lemon/lime zest to bump up the lemon/lime flavor - this actually adds a richer lemon/lime flavor. See, natural is better:-)

And the best news of all, is that you can now order these yummies directly from my website. Go ahead, give yourself a little chocolate happiness.

Read more in this Yoga Journal article.


  1. I can never say no to chocolate. Yoga Journal is a fountain of information. I have been following them for years!

  2. Looks yummy! I definitely think that keeping away from all goodies is just asking for a loss of control. If I go more than a week without something sugary sweet . . . it's all downhill!

  3. I absolutly agree. I also find that if you eat good quality treats, you don't need a lot of it. Just a few bites is good for me.